Shelving Service in Ostrander

Ohio Industrial Equipment is proud of its lengthy history in Ostrander, which dates back to 2001. Our well-known and respected materials handling company is owned and operated by your neighbors in Ostrander. We are also fully insured, bonded, and licensed, so you can be confident that our team will always provide you with the best service and products. We even provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that you will be totally happy with our work. Because we aim to provide an unrivaled experience to our customers at all times, our team is made up of the most experienced, dependable, and ethical individuals. If you’d like to talk about a project or have any questions to ask our staff, reach out to our industry-leading industrial automation business today and let us show you all the things that make us so unique!

Our Product Offering

Ohio Industrial Equipment is your one-stop shop for all things industrial, including ergonomic lift stations, automation systems, and conveyors, warehouse layout designs that maximize safety and productivity, and project management services. We are here to help your company operate efficiently, and we work with over 250 system integrators and manufacturers to streamline processes and solve any logistical issues you may be experiencing.

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks allow you to store and arrange medium to big loads quickly while saving valuable space. Because the front of these racks is constantly clear, direct pick access is always possible. These warehouse shelving systems are built to be safe, adaptable, robust, and stable.


When your personnel need to lift large objects, the right hoists will help them do so in an efficient and safe manner. We can gladly assist you in selecting the finest equipment for your needs, whether an electric or a hand chain hoist is required.


Ergonomics is an important concern in any industrial setting. You can not only provide a safe environment, but you can also use your specific product line and the layout of your space to improve every aspect of operations.

Pallet Flow Racks

Pallet flow racking is an excellent way to ensure proper pallet rotation if your product line needs a first-in, first-out (FIFO) system. These racks are not only helpful for saving space, but they are also long-lasting, well-made, and dependable. Your Ostrander commercial shelving experts will construct your warehouse shelving from start to finish, saving you money on space, utilities, and labor.

Drive-Thru Racks

Drive-thru racks are distinguished by the fact that they may be accessed from either side. These racks offer unlimited accessibility and are high density and low efficiency. They are the most affordable pallet shelving option available, and they are ideal for storing multiple pallets of a single SKU.

Structural Racks

Safety should always come first while storing heavy loads. That is why structural racks were developed in the first place. Your go-to industrial product supplier is your source for Ostrander heavy duty shelving. This industrial shelving, which offers 100% load utilization, simplifies storage optimization by providing for full maximum capacity.

Knock Down Stack Racks

Knock down racks are an amazingly practical option because they can be pulled down and stored away when not in use. This means that no floor space in your warehouse will be wasted, and we all know how precious space can be. Your Ostrander warehouse shelving specialists will help you determine whether this type of commercial shelving is the right option for your business.

Push-Back Racks

Push-back racks are ideal for LIFO (last-in, first-out) systems and those that want to optimize both storage density and selectivity. This substantial warehouse racking system is certain to pique your interest if you want a debris-free design, minimum upkeep, and easy layout personalization for almost any industry.

Dock Equipment

Ohio Industrial Equipment offers dock levelers, dock gates, dock bumpers, traffic doors, and a number of other items. We can help you enhance productivity, improve safety, or achieve completely unique goals with our extensive assortment of dock equipment.

Drive-In Racks

Drive-in racks are recommended by your qualified Ostrander industrial shelving pros because they are suitable for low-rotation products that require multi-pallet storage. These adjustable racks are perfect for arranging huge numbers of a restricted number of product categories in both LIFO and FIFO systems. These racks feature high-density technology to control inputs and outputs more efficiently, reduce your inventory’s total footprint, and reduce costs.


Cranes offer many benefits, including lower human error, fully automated product exit and entry, enhanced productivity, and complete control over inventory management. We will gladly collaborate with you and guide you through the process of selecting cranes that will lift, hold, and carry your products safely and dependably.


Your workspace will benefit from quality illumination, increased safety, and energy efficiency when you choose the right industrial or warehouse lighting. Our wide range of low-maintenance lighting will undoubtedly make your everyday life a little easier.

Selective Pallet Racks

Pallet rack shelving is an excellent option for a wide range of products and applications. This heavy duty shelving system provides accurate stock management, low upkeep, versatility, direct pallet access, and optimum adaptability. We will customize your selective pallet racking to meet your precise specifications and needs.

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